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Welcome to POINTS PLUS, where loyalty meets rewards for the retailers! We take pride to offer an advanced and customer-centric loyalty program planned to empower retailers & improve the shopping experience for consumers. POINTS PLUS is not just a loyalty program; it is a dynamic platform intended to reform the retail experience.

Our Mission

At POINTS PLUS, our aim is to revolutionize the retail landscape by developing strong connections between retailers & their customers. We trust in rewarding loyalty and generating long-term relationships that help both businesses as well as shoppers alike.


POINTS PLUS expertise is in our customisation abilities. We can design, execute and implement a solution that is bespoke and tailor made to your company.


POINTS PLUS offers a host of programs, services, products and solutions for your company's marketing activities.


POINTS PLUS network of vendors, channel partners and other logistics is extensive and expansive. Get the best delivered to your people across the world.

Tailor-made features

Point-Based Systems

Customers earn points for each purchase made. Points can be redeemed for discounts, free products, or other rewards.

Personalised Offers

Tailored promotions and discounts based on customer preferences and purchase history. Personalized communication through emails, SMS, or app notifications.

Mobile Integration

Loyalty program apps for easy tracking and redemption of rewards. Mobile-exclusive offers and promotions.

Special Events and Promotions

Exclusive events or sales for loyalty program members. Limited-time promotions for loyalty members.

Communication and Engagement

Regular communication with members through newsletters, updates, or notifications. Engaging content to keep members informed and interested.

Data Collection and Analysis

Collects and analyzes customer data to understand preferences and behavior. Helps in creating targeted marketing strategies.

Simplicity and Accessibility

Easy enrollment process. Simple and straightforward rules for earning and redeeming rewards.

Rewards and Incentives

Discounts on future purchases.Free products or services.Exclusive access to sales or events. Early access to new products.

Expiry Policies

Clear policies on the expiration of points to create a sense of urgency for redemption. Encourages regular engagement and repeat purchases.

Program Benefits

Implementing our POINTS PLUS loyalty program in a store can yield numerous advantages for both the business and its customers

Customer Retention

Encouraging repeat business by rewarding customers for their continuous patronage helps in retaining existing customers, reducing churn, and growing consumer lifetime value.

Brand Loyalty

Effective POINTS PLUS programs nurture emotional connections among customers & the brand, leading to a strong sense of loyalty.

Decreased Marketing Costs

Retaining existing customers through POINTS PLUS is often more cost-effective than acquiring new ones, reducing the need for extensive marketing efforts.

Bigger Sales

POINTS PLUS can inspire higher spending as the customers strive to touch reward thresholds, leading to better sales revenue.

Targeted Marketing

Using data from POINTS PLUS, businesses can generate modified marketing campaigns, increasing the probability of sales through targeted offers and promotions.

Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Satisfied loyal clients are more expected to recommend the store, leading to helpful word-of-mouth marketing & organic growth.

Improved Customer Engagement

Providing a platform for ongoing communication with clients through personalized offers, upgrades, and updates boosts the customer-business relationship.

Better Inventory

POINTS PLUS offers insights into common products amongst loyal customers, enhancing inventory as well as product selection.

Seasonal & Off-Peak Business

POINTS PLUS helps drive the business in slow periods by recommending promotions and rewards tailored to particular seasons or times of the year.

Competitive Gain

A well-made Loyalty Program such as POINTS PLUS can set a store apart from competitors, increasing market share.

Increased Client Satisfaction

Rewarding customers through POINTS PLUS boosts satisfaction and overall contentment with the store.

Flexibility in Reward Building

POINTS PLUS can be changed to suit the store's objectives & customer base, allowing for research and adjustments.

Data Collection and Perceptions

POINTS PLUS creates precious customer data, permitting the businesses to gain understandings into client behavior, likings and product offerings.

Social-Media Engagement

Integrating POINTS PLUS with social media encourages customers to share experiences & rewards, growing brand visibility.

Customer Feedback

Including feedback mechanisms in POINTS PLUS allows businesses to collect customer opinions & suggestions, improving services, products, and whole customer experience.

Why you should choose us?

At POINTS PLUS, we understand the significance of your loyalty and aim to transform your commitment into a truly rewarding experience that transcends mere transactions. Here's why choosing to partner with us is the optimal decision:

Exclusive Rewards

Immerse yourself in a world of personalized benefits tailored exclusively for you. From alluring discounts and cashback to special promotions and early access to sales, our loyalty program ensures that your steadfast dedication doesn't go unnoticed.


Multipurpose Redemption Options

Customize your rewards based on your preferences. Whether it's discounts on future purchases, complimentary products, or unique experiences, our diverse redemption options empower you to choose how you'd like to be rewarded.


Community and Association

Become part of a community of like-minded shoppers who share an appreciation for quality, value, and outstanding service. Our loyalty program fosters a sense of belonging, connecting you with others who share your enthusiasm for fantastic products and deals.


Personalized Experiences

Brace yourself for a shopping journey crafted exclusively for you. By leveraging your preferences and purchase history, our loyalty program delivers personalized recommendations, ensuring each interaction is meaningful and aligns with your unique needs.


Transparency and Belief

We prioritize trust through transparency. Our loyalty program appears with absolute clear terms, and our team is always ready to help you. Shop with confidence, knowing that your loyalty is both valued and rewarded. Choose POINTS PLUS for a loyalty experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

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